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I just had a truck pass me when there was clearly a wreck in the median of interstate 20. Ambulance had lights flashing but your driver did not slow Down until I passed him like I was taking a picture. But I did take a picture of the back of his trail or. Why would he pass me as if I did something wrong. I got pictures

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Only care about the money, not their drivers. Home time is when they get you there, even after your request off dates youll get home late. Truck maintainance is a joke. Loads constantly laye on PU & Del. Stay away from this swift ex corp run company.

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Ive been driving for 25 yrs +. No accidents,no speeding tickets, no log violations, a good driver. Knight refrigerated, Idaho Falls, Idaho keeps you away from home turf. They dont pay back toll receipts, oil receipt purchases, any reimbursement due the driver. The driver has to chase down there own money ! And i dont own the truck. The new DM i got was named Felix Pulido, he manipulates the driver, if driver complains he cuts there week of... Read more

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I call this morning 5/25/2016 to book a load there was a problem a I ask the dispatcher do you need air ride or spring ride work? She keep me on hold for about 4 minutes and drop the call can you please people if you hired someone to dispatch truck tell them the difference between air ride and spring ride

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My truck and several other vehicles were hit by a Knight Transportation truck on the 1st of march. It is now towards the end of May and they still haven't settled everything with me. But they continue to try to get me to sign release of liability forms before they finish fixing my truck. I recommend if you are involved in an accident with them, don't trust a word they say, just get a lawyer.

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Bad company to work for, Where to start! To make it short and simple they ripped me off. my ordeal happened at the Dallas (Hutchins) terminal. I think this Co. Should disappear just because of the way they treat Drivers, possibly other workers. Sorry I don't go into details but it will only get me pissed off.

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Driving down to Denver and one of your trucks with the number H70494 with a female driver tried driving us off the road! Watch your *** blind spots than spend 30 minutes on hold! And still no answer! I am reporting this to bbb and the police!

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I was driving home on a four lane freeway in Bakersfield Ca. Your driver was in the number two lane and stayed there. The truck was so filthy I couldn't read the plate number. Truck drivers are very rude now that we do not have enough CHP officers.The only info I have isH70409. Mike I already explained it once. www www www www www www www www www www www www ww w w w w w w w w w w w w w w www w w w wswww w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w... Read more

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They will tell you that payed orientation is $250.00 then at orientation they tell you its $100.00 and that it has been that way for years. I brought this up to the manager believe his name is Josa or Carlos. He was very ignorant and started yelling and using profanity. Not professional at all. Mike is the guy that teaches the orientation. FYI if you go with Knight I hope you like pizza every day they don't know how to order anything else. ... Read more

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This company still from drivers , when u got a lumber the make it look like u dont send the recp so they take it out of ur pay check lije u paying for company expenses

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